The main reason I wanted to visit Sapporo was for the annual Hokkaido Shrine Festival.  The festival last three days however the parade is only held one day.  The parade starts from the Shrine, winds through Sapporo, and ends back at the Shrine.  The tourist information office, located in the train station, provides maps showing the route.  We picked an area near our apartment and waited for the parade.  This is a big deal.  My guess is several hundred people walked the routed adorned in period costume, pulled and carried the very large floats and played musical instruments.  Pick your spot wisely as the background might contain convenience store and gas station signs.  We moved several times to eliminate these unwanted distractions.  I shot with my 35-100 lens and Panasonic lx100.  This combination allowed me to capture almost every shot I wanted from very close to far away.  Also think about shooting from different angles to provide different perspectives.  My strong advice is to also shoot the arrival of the parade back at the shrine.  This takes place in the late afternoon providing better light and a the background of the shrine.  This is a great festival to experience and photograph.  I hope you get to experience it as well.