If you want to splurge during your trip through Japan than consider staying at the Windsor Hotel. It’s a five-star hotel and full resort sitting high above Lake Toya. Make no mistake, this is a very expensive stay. We arranged for the hotel shuttle bus to pick us up at the Toya train station. If your feeling a bit hungry, while waiting for┬áthe shuttle bus, then head across the street to a little, quaint restaurant run by a very nice older lady. The menu consists of simple dishes like curry rice, yakisoba, and about 8 other typical Japanese dishes. It is very basic food however really good, filling and cheap. As you’d expect the hotel is extremely beautiful, the staff is incredibly professional and the view of the lake is spectacular. If you walk out to the G8 tree planting area you can get some really good photos of the lake and volcano. Walk towards the ski lift tower and you can get even better photos of the volcano. We enjoyed the onsen, swimming pool and my wife had a nice Japanese style massage. We had a set dinner at Gilligan’s Island restaurant. It has a nautical theme however no Gilligan, Skipper or the rest of the cast are included. This certainly was a treat given we’ve been staying at traditional ryokan and Smile Hotels. One down side is that you have to take a 30 minute shuttle bus from the hotel to town to really enjoy the lake and all it has to offer.