I had a really long work week so not a lot of energy to spend this weekend shooting.  However, I try to shoot everyday, sometimes on my morning commute, even from the train and tram windows if necessary.  I decided to sit on one of the many benches along Bourke Street mall in Melbourne and watch the world pass by.  I preset my lens to fifty mm and tried to watch for interesting people approaching me.  Once I spotted someone I tracked them in the LCD screen until the composition looked good.  Many people were completely unaware I was taking their picture.  Others spotted me but didn’t really react.  One woman looped back around and took my picture with her iPhone.   Initially, I thought it was odd but then wondered if she felt I had nefarious intentions. The man sitting next to me was quite curious and kept a close eye on me as I took pictures.  I edited the photos using the Adobe app for iPad which is quite cool.  Upon reflection, I still had to actively look for the subject, wait for the decisive moment and then try to capture the image.  Maybe not so lazy after all.