One of the things that surprised me about moving to #Melbourne is all of the protests, marches and demonstrations.  I like to photograph these events as it allows me to be the #photojournalist I always wanted to be.  Some are pretty placid events while others can get quite heated with pepper spray, fights and really vile human emotions.  It is quite shocking to see people, in the 21st century, yelling Fascist!, Nazi!, Racist!.  It’s also quite re-assuring that people still care and want create a community safe for everyone.  The photos in this series were taken at #NoRoomforRacism rally held in downtown Melbourne.  I spent the whole day taking pictures, weaving between demonstrators, avoiding pepper spray getting off on the photographic possibilities and raw energy and emotion.  My advice is to keep your wits about you, make sure you’re aware of who’s around you and don’t get cornered by a group of angry people.

Innocent by-stander
On guard….
Clash of protesters for and against immigration.
#Antiracism demonstrators