I realize #sunset photos are very cliche however they can be simply beautiful as well.  This photo was taken from the top of #MountHotham last month.  We drove up The Great Alpine Road/B500 from Omeo where we were camping around 4:00.  Before leaving we checked the weather and sunset time to confirm we’d have good weather.  I think it is always more dramatic to have high scattered clouds as they add drama and moisture which can intensify the color of the sunset.  We scouted several areas where we felt we could get a good shot of sunset however decided to park at the Diamantina Hut and hike to the top of Hotham via a short trail.  The trail starts at the hut and steadily climbs through low scrub and snow gums.  It opens up into a rock strewn plain dotted with alpine flowers.  From this point the trail climbs directly to the top of Mt Hotham.  You can also park at Mt Hotham village and walk up the service road.  This perhaps easier if you don’t want to have to hike the trail down in the dark.  We decide to shoot from the summit marker as it has an uninterrupted view to the west.  Given we had two hours for the sunset we chilled at the summit and had a great conversation with the fire warden stationed at the summit lookout.  It amazes me at how the sun seems to set the lower it gets to the horizon.  I shot this photo with my Panasonic GH3 and a 12-35mm F2.8 lens.  I slightly opened up the shadow in Lightroom to bring out more of the mountains which is how it really looked. At first I wasn’t sure about the airplane contrail however it kind of adds a leading line to the photo. mt-hotham-sunset