Some really intense storms raced across the Melbourne area yesterday.  I kept an eye on the weather and waited for the storms to break thinking the clouds over Port Phillip Bay might be interesting.  Around 6:00 pm the storm lessened so I jumped in my car and headed to Black Rock pier.  This is a great place to take pictures of the bay and also a great place for fish and chips.  I jumped out of the car with my Panasonic GH-3 and 12-35 lens, thankful they are both weather sealed.  The clouds were still spitting rain which was driven by a strong wind.  Initially I couldn’t steady myself so crouched behind a small stone wall.  This didn’t give me the perspective I wanted so found a sturdy sign and braced against it.  After a couple of shots I retreated to the car to clean the lens.  As the wind picked up I decided to position the car so I could sit in the back sit, lower an opposite window and shoot.  This protected me from the wind and rain but limited my field of view. I wanted a different perspective so headed down to the Black Rock Life Saving Club where there is a parking lot adjacent to the beach.  This gave my the beach perspective and a different angle on the clouds.  The image below is from this vantage point which reminds me of a rocket engine exhaust trail.  I thought I’d be the only person however two hearty dog walkers appeared which made for a good image.  I try to get the exposure right in camera so I don’t have to do much Lightroom editing. storm-over-port-phillip-bay